Breath II

Breath II
Breath II

Oct 16 2021 | 00:18:26

Episode 2 October 16, 2021 00:18:26

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A second iteration of movement through breath, this episode moves through seated and standing shapes to explore how movement can change breath. In moments of fear or stress, the breath can feel constricting. But there are little, simple shifts we can make to ease the body.

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Speaker 1 00:00:02 Welcome to transatlantics practice for trans and gender non-conforming people to have some space and some time to explore the relationship we have without buddy. That is to say not our gendered ones, but the buddy, as in the things that let us be in this world, physically asking muscles, a breath, Find a comfortable seated position, maybe on a cushion or the floor or on a chair, and just close your eyes for a moment. Let your awareness sink all the way down into your body. Not worrying about the outside world for a bit And notice how it feels to sit this ordinary position, an ordinary action. What does it really feel like in your body? Just take some time here to observe that Speaker 1 00:01:40 This practice transmitted developed and recorded on the unceded sovereign lands of the winter, Andre people, the Kulin nations Pay my respect to the elders of this land. Those who have passed on and those who are with us today. And I also extend my allegiance to all first nations people, if this continent And I stand beside them in their struggle against the colonial project known as Australia. And if you like me, uh, an uninvited guest on indigenous land, settler or colonizer, I invite you to take a moment here to consider how you support first nations people in your daily life and what more you could do Before we go any further and do some movement. I want to reiterate the three intentions of this practice. The first is safety. We want to practice in not judging ourselves or our bodies. Speaker 1 00:03:22 We want to practice in exploring bodily sensations with patients and curiosity. We want to practice in. Non-violence making sure that nothing in this practice hurts. All the movement should be soft and at your own speed and to your own interpretation. Remember you are the expert on your own body. So listen to yourself and finally remember what practicing in mindfulness. We want to sink into our body and into the present moment with ourselves and move away from our daily busy minds. So take it easy, take it slow. And if you ever reach a point that is uncomfortable, just stop them. You may choose to just lay still for a moment, pause this recording, or walk away from it all together. That's totally fine. And if you would like to talk to me about it, you are always welcome to, you can find the contact details in the description of where you found this recording or go to the trans medics website. And I just want to reemphasize that this practice involves observing without judgment. We want to explore our bodies just to understand what our relationship with our body looks like. We want to observe with kindness and patience. Speaker 1 00:05:25 And please remember that any guidance I gave is just a suggestion. Please honor, whatever your buddy asks of you and take only what you want from this practice. In this episode with exploring the breath And we'll be seated for the first half and then also doing some movement while standing. So now seated, just observe what your breath is like in this moment. Sometimes when we're afraid or stressed, the breath can feel constricting. This happens when the rhythm of the breath becomes quicker and shallow. And when our body close upon itself, giving less space for the breath. And often even subconsciously, we can take positions that constrict out breath in our day to day lives in particular, when we have complicated relationships to our buddies. So for the next 15 or so minutes, we want to very gently explore ways. We can open up the body to make the breath come on. Easily, Deep breaths, easy breaths, a bomb for the body and the mind. Let's see if we can find something soothing, Still seated comfortably. However, that looks for you right now, let's start by taking some breaths together, Using this time to bring awareness to the movement of air through your body, observing its natural rhythm. Speaker 1 00:07:32 Noticing how you breathe in sensing your lungs, expand and your ribs give space for them Being aware of the ripples of movement throughout the body that come from the breath, Maybe into your shoulders and your arms, your back, Or how it changes the way your body feels against the floor or your chair. Again, not ascribing any value to these movements. Simply acknowledging them as they come in. And now that we have an understanding of the breaths rhythm in this moment, let's start moving with it. Begin with just some simple shot of roles. Bring both shoulders forwards and then up towards your ears, letting them glide back down, syncing your shoulder blades along your back, match the movement with your breath. Shoulders come up. As you inhale, come back down. As you exhale, As you move, you might start to feel warmth, spread along your upper back as your muscles work and a loosening of tension, you might be holding in your shoulders and neck gently. Let it go. And maybe take a moment now to change direction, Pushing your shoulders back before they come up to me. Your ears curling your chest a little as you go, keep your breath front of mind, move with your body's natural rhythm and let each movement in your shoulder become in sync with your inhale and exhale. Speaker 1 00:09:47 There is no rule here for how fast or slow your breath should be. We want to follow the body instead of telling you what to do, Let it be how it needs to be in this moment. Speaker 1 00:10:08 And hopefully you feeling a little looser now that your shoulders find the resting place and take a moment to just sit with any changing sensations in your body. Notice them, acknowledge them, and then let them go. Maybe on your next exhale release And bringing your hands to your needs. Use them to support you in this next part, bringing your focus to your sternum. That is the bone in the center of your chest. Imagine there's a string attached to it that pulls you forward as always following your breath rhythm, use the inhale to give in to the stream and let your chest open up. Letting your ribs fall back and perhaps allowing a small arch in your lower back. Remember to be mindful of your head and your neck and make sure you keep them supported, but not strained. Pull back a little if you need And on the exhale roll first movement and curl all the way back into yourself, your belly going towards your spine. Shoulders come forward. Your head bows down and your chest closes in on itself. Moving with your breath and always being gentle with yourself. Let your chest open up on an inhale and close back in on itself on an exhale move gently through the shapes, taking all the time. You need to move comfortably and to feel any of the sensations in your body offers. Speaker 1 00:12:12 Focusing on the breath is the best way. In my opinion, at least to be present. You can't breathe in the past. Can't breathe in the future only right now. And each breath gives your body nutrients. It needs to move forward to operate, to live. So treat each breath as a magical gift. You give yourself, give your body When you're ready, come back to stillness. And maybe while in stillness, your body notices movements that needs to do so, please honor them Maybe shifting from side to side or repositioning your legs, a few more shoulder rolls or stretching out the neck, Whatever you feel your body core for whatever you think would feel good right now. And then when you're ready, we're going to gently stand up, Stand with your feet slightly apart in line with your hips and bring a hand to your belly and hand your heart somewhere along your ribs. And just take a moment to feel your breath. Hello. It moves your body. Notice how it might feel different to breath standing rather than sitting. And now let your hands rest by your side, or maybe bring them to your hips to help with stability. And as always moving with the breath, we're going to explore a simple swing movement Speaker 1 00:14:16 Coming slightly forward on the inhale, rocking back on the exhale And just continue moving forwards and backwards. As you breathe with the breath, perhaps eventually coming to lift your heels off the ground. As he moved forwards and rising up onto your toes. Coming back down with each exhale, Take this movement wherever you want it to be, wherever it should be for you right now. And after a few, most ways back and forth, come to stillness for a moment, take stock of any changes in the body, breathe into the body and with an exhale release something, And you can bring your hands back up to feel the breath. One hand on the belly. One hand on the sternum, the bone on the center of your chest, and then recall the movement we did earlier opening and closing the chest, feeling the string attached to our sternum. And as you inhale, letting it pull you up and full width opening all the way, Shoulders drawing back ribs, expanding On the exhale, closing into yourself, gently letting your upper body in once Bowing down into yourself. Speaker 0 00:16:16 Um, Speaker 1 00:16:22 Again, repeat this movement a few more times with the breath and remembering to be gentle and attentive to your body and listen to its needs in this moment, Breathing in to space and openness and compressing in on yourself to exhale. How does this feel different when the city Have you started to involve other parts of your body, like your legs and your feet, Has it changed how your breath feels Speaker 1 00:17:12 And when you're ready, you can gently come back to stillness and maybe come back to your seated position, lie down on your back. If that feels like a good option at the moment And wherever you are, continue to witness the breath, let it flow in and out of your body. Notice any sensations that feel different now And use the exhale to release anything that it is time to let go, let each inhale breathe new life into you.

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