Breath I

Breath I
Breath I

Oct 09 2021 | 00:21:07

Episode 1 October 09, 2021 00:21:07

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There is nothing more central than our breath. In this episode, we gently find seated movements and shapes. This let’s us explore how to move with the breath and discover our natural rhythm.

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Speaker 1 00:00:06 Welcome to trans medics practice for trans and gender non-conforming people to have some space and some time to explore the relationship we have with our bodies, by which I mean not bodies as gendered bodies, but bodies as the physical shapes and manifestations, let us exist in this world. Like a skin and muscles and bones. Now breath, take some time to find a comfortable seated position, maybe on a cushion or the floor, maybe on a chair and just close your eyes for a moment. Let your awareness sink down into your body. Noticing how you feel in this moment, how you physically feel, perhaps noticing the air around you. Maybe there's some sunlight on your skin. Just take some time here to observe what your body feels like. This practice was developed in recorded on the unceded lands of the Wurundjeri people call nations. And I pay my respect to the elders of this land, those paths now, and those with us today, I also extend my allegiance to all first nations people in their fight against the colonial project known as Australia. If like me, you are an uninvited guest on indigenous land. I invite you to take a moment here to consider how you support first nations people in your daily life Speaker 1 00:02:26 And where you can do more. And before we go further, it's important to remind ourselves of the three intentions of this practice tried somatics, firstly safety. We are practicing and not judging ourselves or our bodies. We're practicing in exploring bodily sensations. We're practicing and soft observation and curiosity. And secondly, nonviolence, nothing, nothing in this practice should have all the movement should be soft at your own speed and to your own interpretation. Remember that you are the expert on your own body And finally slow. We're practicing in mindfulness, practicing in sinking into our bodies, which requires moving away from our busy daily minds. And when we let our mind and our body sink sink into this present moment, We can unlock and explore bodily wisdom, which we may otherwise not be able to access. And I want to reiterate that if you ever reach a point that is uncomfortable for you, stop, you may choose to just lay still for a moment, pause this recording, or walk away from it altogether. And that's fine. Good. And if you would like to talk to me about it, um, you can always reach me. You can use the contact details in the description where you found this recording, visit transmit X website. Speaker 1 00:05:11 And I also want to emphasize that that practice here involves observing without judgment. We simply want to explore our physical bodies with curiosity and openness, to understand parts of the internal mechanisms that make our bodies work. Always observing with kindness, patience Speaker 1 00:05:52 And one more extra emphasis I want to impart before we go further is just please know that any guidance I give at any point at any time is just a suggestion. Please feel free to honor whatever your body is asking you to do and take only what you want from this practice. Speaker 1 00:06:28 For this episodes. We want to focus on the breath. Um, we'll be staying seated for the most part, either on the floor or on a chair, however you are now. And there will be an optional shift near the end to your hands and knees Breathing is I think such a funny thing. It's so easy to forget. We do it constantly from birth till death, even though it is the most vital part of keeping our physical existence here, It's something wonderful, Especially because the breath is such an easy way to bring yourself into the present moment. Consider you cannot breathe in the past. No in the future with each inhale with each exhale You in this very moment, Still seated comfortably. However you, I invite you to place a hand on your belly and one on your heart, or somewhere along your ribs, bringing attention to the breath, Just feeling how your body moves, expanding with each breath in and deflating with each breath out, Perhaps experimenting with the breath, by breathing into different parts of the body, into the belly, Into the chest, Letting the movement of the breath guide you. And while we're here, let's take three deep breaths together, breathing in through the nose just a second, and then exhaling with a sigh Speaker 1 00:09:05 Again, Hold for a second and then release three And one more time breathing in. And as he breathing release something, let it go. Your breath is your body's natural rhythm. It is what pushes and pulls all the flows throughout your body. From the movement of your ribs. As the lungs expand the beating of your heart and the flow of blood through your veins. As the oxygen, you breathe in replenishes, your muscles, your ligaments against The press is such an amazing little thing. Each cycle is a gift to the body. So for this next part, we want to follow our body's natural rhythm, married With an inhale, bring your arms high above your head, stretching up and letting your ribs and spine extend, creating space. Stay here for a moment. And then as you breathe out, bring everything down. And if you like repeat this movement, two more times, just getting a feel for the buddy, taking your arms up as you breathe in, stretching, staying here and then releasing Small, coming up With the side. No try and bringing your left hand to either the floor next to you or resting on the side of your chair and just float the right arm up as you inhale and then gently lean over to the left. As you exhale your right hand, pointing to the left, Speaker 1 00:11:58 Staying here in this side, stretch for a few moments, still focusing on your breath, coming up a little as you inhale and perhaps sinking a little deeper with each exhale And even to come back up, let your breath guide you breathe in. As you write leads your body back into a neutral seated position and bring both your hands to your lap. A few breaths, just feeling any residual sensations as they ripples for your body, Directing your breath into the roadside, to your ribs. And then we're going to, when you're ready, repeat the same movement. On the other side, reminding ourselves that often each side will feel a little different from the other. Bring our right hand to the floor next to us. So to the side of the chair, and then raise the lift arm on an inhale, stretching it up a little higher before exhaling. As you lean to the right check in with your neck, make sure it is comfortable and not feeling tense, adjust as you need And stay here. A few moments, letting each breath bring you deeper. Each exhale, letting you release a little more. Again, let you inhale guide you back into neutral position your hands in your lap and take your time observing any sensations in the body, remembering to just observe and withhold any judgment. Speaker 1 00:14:18 Whereas simply sitting with a body with ourselves in this moment with the gentleness and with patients, Let's take a breath in together, hold it for a moment. And on the exhale, let something go. Speaker 1 00:14:51 Let's think about experiencing breadth in different parts of the spine. You can either stay seated as you are and place your hands on your knees. Move into a tabletop position, which is to be on your hands and knees. Speaker 0 00:15:12 You want your hands right in line with your shoulders and your knees right below your hips. And whether you sitting or in tabletop on your hands and knees, the sensations will be quite similar. So choose a position most comfortable for you in this moment. Speaker 1 00:15:35 And as always, we're letting the breath guide us and tell us what rhythm to take as we move. How fast or slow to go. So on your next inhale, roll your shoulders back and let your back arch your neck stretch long, either gazing, forwards or slightly up feeling the opening in your chest. Perhaps stay in moment. Your exhale, your body back into the reverse. So curling you back. Your chest comes in chin tucking into the neck, shoulders closer to your ears and following the rhythm of your breath. Let your body arch on an inhale opening. Shoulders gliding down your back into itself on an exhale. Shoulders is just caving. Well, the wild just feel any sensations that come up, honor them, and then let them go. As you continue to breathe through it, Maybe close your eyes as you move, just experience the movement. And most importantly, the breath as it flows through Arching up and calling inwards to your own natural rhythm Speaker 1 00:17:23 And perhaps you start to notice that the shapes you take change your breath currently into yourself, gives you a lens with space to fill up arching back. If Seymour Notice your shoulders and how they move with you, give yourself the freedom to breathe comfortably. Notice how your and your body work together to find openness. It's easy to think that the mind controls the body, but really it's the other way around. There's a communication channel between the body and the mind, but 80% of it goes from the body to the mind flows upwards. We can find the safety to let ourselves go. We can move freely. We don't need to think about you can let the buddy guide you And your body. It's such a beautiful thing. It's graceful, hardworking. And despite it all can be a friend Speaker 1 00:19:01 Perhaps you've stopped moving by now, moved on to different shapes. Your body has asked for. I invite you wherever you are right now with the ability to give yourself a little squeeze McGee, Maybe hugging your knees towards you, wrapping your arms around your chest, Give your body some love and some compassion. Give yourself some love and passion. Just to finish off. Let's take one more deep breath together on the exhale. We're going to let go of any and everything that we don't need in this moment. Breathing deeply in every facet of ourselves, filling up the whole body. Maybe we'll just let it go.

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