bonus episode: dance

bonus episode: dance
bonus episode: dance

Aug 21 2020 | 00:09:07

Episode 6 August 21, 2020 00:09:07

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bonus episode! this one is to dance to, and celebrate your body.

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Speaker 0 00:00:06 Welcome to chance medics. This is a bonus episode dance. This series was created on the land of the <inaudible> people of the Kulin nations always was and always will be the sovereign lens. As a uninvited guests to these lens. I have a responsibility to help deconstruct the colonial state that we live in. And I stand behind all the fascinations people and the five, four sovereignty freedom in particular, I pay my respects to any sister, girls and brother, boys Johnson. Maddix is a practice that I had developed to help people in the trans community feel closer to their own bodies and to each other. Speaker 0 00:01:32 In this episode, celebrate bodies and appreciate them. I'm standing. I'll be moving a bit walking around, but you should always just do whatever's comfortable standing. Did you feed a pot with just a gentle sway, try and on your way from one foot to the other in time to the bait, let your arms join in however they want. Maybe doing the scuba movie. Awesome waves, moving a bit faster, slow, maybe being one limb at a time, noticing its length and its strength, feeling how it is inevitably connected to the rest of you. Maybe start lifting your feet off the ground, stepping from one side to the other, reaching your arms up, going down low, a little spin, relax your head, let it flow with the rest of your body. Speaker 0 00:04:39 Just let your body move and being aware of the movements with love, appreciate all the things your body can do, how it holds you, how it lets you express yourself, how strong is, how connected it's really feel everything from your skin and your hair on your skin, all the way through to your membranes, your blood, feeling your muscles and your ligaments to your bones. I don't know about you, but this chocolate was mixing smile, expressing transness. Isn't always easy but fun. I feel like in this moment, but I can be proud to be me. You can be proud to be you and we can just move in these bodies, these vessels that are ours, always that they'll never leave us. We'll never leave them. Speaker 0 00:06:54 It's a funny relationship, but I like to know that me and my buddy were always there for each other for better or worse. I hope this track also makes you feel good. And maybe you can put in your favorite playlists and just spend some more time and appreciation and love. Yeah. Strengthening your bond to your physical self, moving and taking up as much space as you possibly can, doing whatever you want. But so now I want you to take your right. I'm stretching it as far as from your body as you can, and then bringing it across some chest around your shoulder, your left shoulder, and keep it there while you stretch out your left arm and reach across your body. And then just give yourself a nice squeeze.

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