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transomatics is a free breath-work and movement guide, to help people in the trans community feel the body from within. Developed on Wurundjeri Country. transcripts available at contact: [email protected]

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Stillness II

    In this episode, we focus on stillness. we explore different stretches and poses that are designed to be held for longer periods of time. This is so you can sink into the feeling, go a little deeper.  transcripts available at contact: [email protected] ...


  2. Stillness I

    In this episode, we focus on stillness. We explore certain shapes that are easy to sink into, letting us feel stretches and twists within the body. holding positions for a while allows us to relax with each breath, and to fall more deeply into shapes. transcripts available at contact: ...


  3. Movement II

    In this episode, we explore weight transfers and balance while standing. working with balance makes it easy to perceive different muscles at work, allowing a more intimate understanding of our physical form.  transcripts available at contact: [email protected] ...


  4. Movement I

    In this episode, we will move through a sequence of sitting, on hands and knees, and standing. Repeating sequences of movement helps in various ways. We can synchronise with the body, be present in the moment, and embed bodily patterns and sensations into our daily lives. transcripts available at contact: ...


  5. Breath II

    A second iteration of movement through breath, this episode moves through seated and standing shapes to explore how movement can change breath. In moments of fear or stress, the breath can feel constricting. But there are little, simple shifts we can make to ease the body. transcripts available at contact: ...