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transomatics is a series of soft, guided body awareness practices, designed by and for the trans and gender diverse community to help navigate gender dysphoria. transcripts available at contact me:

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Latest Episodes…

  1. the trailer

    an introduction to transomatics, the soft suggestion that we can alleviate gender dysphoria by becoming closer to the body we live in, instead of trying to flee it. ...


  2. episode one: skin

    this episode will explore the skin we live in. we will get to know how the skin truly embodies us. ...


  3. episode two: psoas

    here we get to know the internal workings of our body, and how they all connect through our muscles, ligaments and fascia. ...


  4. episode three: gut

    our organs are the inner clockwork that keep us moving. Here we explore how we can take care of these vital parts of our bodies. ...


  5. episode four: gravity

    here we will actively engage with gravity, and strengthen our bond between our body and the earth. ...