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transomatics is a free breath-work and movement guide, to help people in the trans community feel the body from within. Developed on Wurundjeri Country. transcripts available at contact:

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Breath II

    A second iteration of movement through breath, this episode moves through seated and standing shapes to explore how movement can change breath. In moments of fear or stress, the breath can feel constricting. But there are little, simple shifts we can make to ease the body. transcripts available at ...


  2. Breath I

    There is nothing more central than our breath. In this episode, we gently find seated movements and shapes. This let’s us explore how to move with the breath and discover our natural rhythm. transcripts available at ...


  3. the trailer

    an introduction to transomatics, the soft suggestion that we can alleviate gender dysphoria by becoming closer to the body we live in, instead of trying to flee it. ...


  4. episode one: skin

    this episode will explore the skin we live in. we will get to know how the skin truly embodies us. ...


  5. episode two: psoas

    here we get to know the internal workings of our body, and how they all connect through our muscles, ligaments and fascia. ...